Carden H. Summers

Business Owner, Farmer,
Conservative Champion for South Georgia

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Vote May 24th, 2022

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Carden Summers sitting behind a podium

Our Neighbor,
Our Senator

Born and raised in South Georgia, Carden Summers is a devoted husband and father, farmer, successful small businessman and job creator, and our conservative voice at the state capitol.

As our state Senator, Carden Summers has stood strong for our values and communities. He’s fighting to bring new jobs and opportunity to South Georgia while preserving our way of life. We can count on Carden Summers to stand up to Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, and their liberal socialist agenda.

The Georgia State Capitol building

Our Priorities are
Carden Summers Priorities

  • Invest Tax Dollars HERE, Not Atlanta
  • Protect Family Farms & Small Businesses
  • Stop Radical Attempts to Destroy the 2nd Amendment
  • Support Law Enforcement
  • Protecting Our Elections & Our Vote

Legislative Victories

As our state Senator, Carden Summers has led the charge to pass common sense, conservative reforms and improvement, including:

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Temporary Suspended the Gas Tax
(HB 304):

Saving Georgians hard-earned dollars at the pump during this time of need.

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(SB 441):

Ensure safe and secure elections for all Georgians and empowers GBI to investigate voter fraud.

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Protecting our Agricultural Community
(SB 474):

Exempt certain farming aircraft used for the aerial application of agricultural products from ad valorem taxation.

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Parents' Bill
of Rights
(HB 1178):

Give parents greater control of what their children are being taught in school.

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Cutting Taxes on Georgia Families
(HB 1302):

With rising inflation, this bill will put more money back in the pockets of hard-working Georgia families.

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Constitutional Carry
(SB 319):

Protecting and expanding our Second Amendment rights.

District Map

Georgia Senate District 13

Counties: Lee, Worth, Crisp, Turner,
Tift, Ben Hill, Irwin, Berrien, Coffee

Georgia Senate 13th District map